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      Wide range of rubber products Analysis Technology

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      World rubber industry after 160 years of development, has become important in many traditional industries in developed countries, is now in the global rubber consumption reached 17 million tons or more, about 100,000 kinds of rubber products throughout human society in various fields. Rubber industry in the secondary industry group, with the elastomeric material industry unique. Last two to three decades, the rubber industry in the 1970s due to the two world oil crisis, the global rubber industry emerged from the expansion of long-term economic benefits depend on the amount of the increase as the primary means to gradually convert from improving quality, increasing variety and continue to reduce production costs as the goal of the new era.


      Faced with the current world of traditional rubber serious excess capacity, market competition is becoming increasingly fierce and business benefits declining situation. Experts believe that with the rapid development of global high-tech, for a thorough restructuring of the traditional rubber industry, transformation and reform has become an inevitable trend. The only way out is to accelerate industrial upgrading, promote the new generation of products, the rubber industry as soon as possible high-tech oriented. Against this background, the rubber product analysis technology has been rapid development, and has been widely used in various aspects of rubber production among.

      Rubber component analysis refers to the rubber composition of the sample, as well as foreign matter content of each component is analyzed, so that our products have a sample depth understanding of the process. Professional rubber component analysis mechanism for different rubber products, such as natural rubber, synthetic rubber, special rubber, and rubber additives give different analysis programs, adopted a series of comprehensive use of physical and chemical means of rubber product samples component qualitative and quantitative analysis, and make accurate scientific analysis reports to facilitate customer product research and development, improve, improve production efficiency and market influence.

      Ingle Detection rubber component analysis team after many years of accumulated experience in the analysis, for daily life and industrial production and problems encountered in the use of rubber products have a wide and in-depth understanding of the components of the composition and performance of rubber products have a very in-depth research, composition analysis in the whole process, Ingle analysts in the most professional analysis techniques and the most advanced analytical instruments, the product of the most accurate and most scientific component analysis, the first time to provide analysis reports for companies product improvement upgrade process as a scientific basis. Ingle, rubber component analysis leading institutions.


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