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      How to deal with adhesive rubber industry new standard

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      December 31, 2014, "compounded rubber General technical specifications" recommended national standards officially released, and on July 1 this year, the formal implementation. Criteria to determine the composite rubber gum content of not more than 88%, while the previous focus on this indicator, land reclamation and rubber industry has been at loggerheads over. Now the new standard landing weight, the majority of business with plastic will have any effect, how to deal with plastic business? In the six months of the transition period, which companies are in the preparatory work done? This reporter conducted in-depth interviews.

      Standards difficult

      "While we and the National Standardization Technical Committee rubber products and the development of a standard adhesive rubber products belong to different standards committees, but the requirements are the same standards, ie mandatory standards must be scrupulously observed, there is no room for discussion, and recommended standards is voluntary national standards adopted by enterprises, in use, can be referred to the Executive. "rim national standardization technical Committee of the tire wheel Xu Lihong engineer said.

      "As recommended standards, when Customs inspection checks on imports of adhesive technology will be very difficult, the naked eye is not good discriminant 88% gum content authenticity, it needs testing equipment, so Customs Enforcement difficult." China rubber industry Association, technical and economic Committee of vermilion said.

      "Previously, Customs ports are usually presented to us product testing requirements, we commissioned to do testing. Adhesive gum content does not come out from the surface of rubber ratio is the number of actual testing also more difficult, we do not have the test for detection conditions. in order to facilitate the import and export business, beginning in 2009, with natural rubber adhesive is not in the AQSIQ of the law review directory. "deputy director of Shandong CIQ industrial test center Liu Xiaomin he said.

      "Eighteen Third Plenary Session of the Party pointed out that the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources in the market determine the allocation of resources, it has always been the general rules of the market economy, but in terms of the rate of gum formulation containing adhesive, it is clear the government does not follow the rules of market economy, simply put both ends of the supply and demand requirements averaged adhesive on the set of 'lifelong'. it is not too sloppy and imprecise? standards are not 'standard', the execution is equal to talk. Chief 'chaos as' more than 'not as' more frightening and dangerous. "an anonymous industry insiders say it is even more angry.

      The reporter found in the search for information, recommended national standard has been accepted and adopted or agreed by the parties agreed to include economic contracts, technology has become the basis of the parties must abide by, a binding law. Whether companies are using the recommended national standard or enterprise standard, once the product is explicitly enforced.

      Transition time is running out

      "Downstream business with plastic window should seize use the transition period of six months to solve the problem to be solved, such as business with plastic and raw material suppliers should seize the time to communicate and cooperate with adjustment." Poetry Dong Rubber Co., Ltd. General Manager Li Shiqiang think "national standard adhesive release will mark the peak of customized business with plastic, Southeast Asia and processing requirements companies need to have a certain ability to raise the threshold, natural rubber processing enterprises will re-shuffle." he also worried that if every tire factory to find one rubber processing plant, will cause great confusion, not the best solution. "Poetry Dong rubber research and development department has stepped up its research and development and explore the Chinese tire factories, hoping to be able to develop a new adhesive to meet the majority of customers."

      "We try some of the adhesive samples meet the standard requirements." Double Coin Holdings Ltd. Chief Engineer money Ruijin said, "the future of adhesive is completely different 'new' material, and each company is' personalized 'demand. Therefore, the technical department and the purchasing department needs to suppliers of products, quality and delivery ability to re-evaluate. "

      ZC Rubber Group Co., Ltd., deputy chief engineer Renzhang Hui told reporters, "Before the formal implementation of the standard companies will import more, the latter will depend on their processing is feasible. Currently technician performing the test process, to explore with plastic formula, and processing enterprises in order to communicate. "Insiders told reporters, the second choice will be adhesive rubber processing factory in Thailand, mixer means are stepping up installation. According to reports, the second choice in the Thai company will strive to May 2015 the first tires off the assembly line.

      "Faced with the new standards, China Chemical Rubber Corporation will actively respond to the use of innovative means to achieve internal digestion, lower cost pressures. In the tire industry because competition is so fierce, the cost of raw materials can not be transferred to the downstream." The company MOST Director Wang Yuxiang said, "four tire companies affiliated technical strength improve product development, and a technology four generic companies, have an advantage over small and medium enterprises, reflecting the Group's procurement and technology accumulation advantage." he explained that the group will specifically from three aspects, one is to do internal collaborative technology, new materials, research and application of new formulations. Because 88% of the raw rubber standard, equivalent to a new adhesive raw materials, the recipe put forward higher requirements. Second, the mixing step forward, the main producing areas in Southeast Asia to be customized adhesive. Only custom, we will not disclose technical secrets, technical avoid transparency. The third is looking for strategic partners to improve the application of the ratio of domestic rubber, for making homemade glue application of technical reserves.

      However, the industry also have said that even though the tire companies are actively developing new recipes, but 88% of the gum content is not the traditional rubber adhesive materials, but a new "composite", tire companies need to conduct formulation development, product testing, vendors need to invest a large batch of equipment and carry out other technological innovation, tire plant needs re-selected suppliers and customized products, this series of work takes time, half of the transition period can be completed, and what kind of problems will arise in product development and new adhesive formulations customization, is still unknown. In addition, there are new standards to significantly enhance the tire companies to bring raw material procurement difficulty, the difficulty and cost of inventory management and capital chain issues, the United States is facing the current "dual" tire industry has brought great negative impact.

      In addition, persons interviewed, the window of the view that during the transition, may usher in a wave of imports adhesive climax. "There adhesive as normal imports, imports surge or manifested in March, but the end of May will end, because after two months of sailing on to the date of the formal implementation of the standard." Li Shiqiang analysis.

      Should improve the quality of domestic rubber

      "Non-standard rubber adhesive composition specified in the 12% foreign and domestic tire rubber processing plant upstream of this plant are more resisted, because it is hard to use tire factory, while the upstream processing plants also have no incentive to change production equipment and technology, adhesive imports are expected to reduce a lot. in this case, there will be a large gap in the domestic rubber, plastic is relatively large for domestic support. "rubber Valley supply chain Co., Ltd. as an analyst Liu Hang said.

      Rubber Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agriculture Research Associate Yong Mo industry also expressed the view that the implementation of 88% of the standard, adhesive advantages no longer exist. Overall, the domestic rubber is good, but the transition period will not influence.

      Hang Liu also reminded to make state-owned farms, to pay attention to the price of synthetic rubber and its role in substituting for natural rubber. "Crude oil fell sharply, so prices have been lower than natural rubber, synthetic rubber, if sustained, tire plant have an incentive to change the recipe, use more synthetic alternative to natural rubber, this will reduce the 'standard tariff increase + adhesive' simultaneous implementation of domestic natural rubber to the positive effect brought about. "

      "Adjusting the adhesive glue on the domestic standard is good, the price will certainly increase, even without a result, the domestic market." Li Shiqiang said.

      In addition, the domestic rubber quality, quality and price, insiders are worried. "We are also prepared to use homemade glue, we will find some cooperative enterprises, but we are worried that domestic rubber inferior quality imported glue stable, and this is where the domestic rubber disadvantage." Money Ruijin said. Zhang Hui also said Reclamation should focus on improving processing technology, improve product quality and added value.

      "Domestic rubber processing plant should not wait for government policy support, the EU should seize the development trend of green tires and tire standard upgrade, intensify and tire factory technical cooperation and research and development, make full use of domestic rubber latex solidification process plants, the development of wet silica mix and CV permanent adhesive, so that hundreds of tons of domestic rubber sell higher value-added, rather than standing still, so the domestic rubber futures become a special glue. "Li Shiqiang recommendations.

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