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      Rubber, there is no harm to human

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      Pure rubber, substantially non-toxic. But there are a lot of tire processing technology, rise to a certain temperature, various doping substances will begin volatilization, including carbon black, a variety of absorption of harmful substances, a great impact on the body. Many research papers.

      The main occupational health hazards in the rubber mixing, calendering and vulcanization, rubber mixing carbon black may be the main hazard is dust in the rolling process, potential hazards are mainly benzene, toluene, xylene, triphenyl sulfide may also harm. See also harmful levels of raw materials and additives MSDS, a lot of new additives harm is relatively low. There are occupational hazards of factories and the results are announced in the workshop according to "People's Republic of China Occupational Disease Prevention Law" must be carried out in the workplace air testing, while the dangers of exposing workers to undergo a medical examination. If not detected and physical examination can be made to the local production safety supervision bureau report, now punishment or larger. Many chronic injury are caused by chemical and physical hazards, there is no problem does not mean that the problem has not been, is not the same individual constitution.

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